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Keweenaw Coffee Works: Spirit of the Trail

Keweenaw Coffee Works of Calumet has once again put their expert knowledge of the roasting of quality coffee beans to work for the CopperDog 150/40 races. Valerie Baciak and Nate Shuttleworth, co-owners of the Calumet based business, are roasters of some of the Copper Country’s finest blends of coffee.

Spirit of the Trail, one of their many specialty coffee blends, is roasted exclusively for CopperDog. This limited edition coffee is prepared from beans grown in the Chiapas region of Mexico and boasts warming undertones of chocolate, toffee, and lemon.

Spirit of the Trail, is available at both the Calumet and Houghton locations of River Valley Bank, Lead Dog sponsor for the CopperDog 150/40 races. A 1- pound bag of this whole bean blend is $15.00 and Keweenaw Coffee Works is graciously donating 100% of the profits from the sales to the CopperDog organization.

We are grateful to have Keweenaw Coffee Works as one of our sponsors. Please drop by River Valley and pick up a pound of this specialty coffee today and help support the CopperDog races!

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2nd Annual CopperDog150 Doghouse Races


REGISTRATION at 11:30AM on Saturday, February 28, 2015 in downtown Calumet

Mushers want just three things from a race providing organizations: (1) an event, (2) a safe fast trail and (3) a little money on the line to make things interesting. CopperDog is borrowing from mushers and applying these three basic rules to our 2nd annual "Doghouse" race to take place in downtown Calumet on Saturday, February 28 at 12:00PM.

1st Place ............ $250
2nd Place .......... $100
3rd Place ........... $75
Fan Favorite ...... $75

But there's a catch... there must be at least 3 teams competing in the race for the prize money to be awarded. Here's an easy way to make $250, just build a doghouse, put together a team, get a few friends to do the same and your'e in the money (If your'e fast enough that is)!


Beginning at the CopperDog150 start gate, the team will pull their doghouse to the corner of Fifth Street and Elm Street. At the turnaround point, the team will have one designated team member complete the "Bone Toss". The team member must land three dog bones into a dog dish before the team can continue. The team must run back to the start gate to complete the race.

Doghouses will be judged prior to the race by the crowd at large to determine the winner of fan favorite doghouse and the winner will be announced immediately following the conclusion of the dog race. The overall race winner will be determined by individual timed heats down the snow road of Calumet.

The race is open to the entire family. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Teams are encouraged to embrace “themes” add dress appropriately.The clock stops when the entire team, including the doghouse, crosses the finish line. Parts of the doghouse cannot be left on the track.


To participate in the Doghouse Race, you must construct a doghouse following the Doghouse Race rules. Each team must consist of one person riding in the doghouse with up to eight people pulling the doghouse.

Do you have a friendly competition within the community? Challenge your rival to construct a wonder of modern doghouse technology! The greater the architecture and creative your team name, the greater your chance to win fan favorite doghouse! Assemble your team of “dogs” to pull your house to glory and bragging rights!

Registration will be accept right up to the start of the race on Saturday at 11:30AM!  No excuses! Get your house build and your team put together and come out and win some money.

If you have any questions on the race or entry, please contact our lead organizer Heather at Thank your for your time, and we hope to see your team on the snow road!

2015 CopperDog 150
Saturday Event Committee

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Fresh Paint Job

We've freshened up our website, but you may need to hit REFRESH on your browser to see it! If you have RED menus, then you're good! By the way... thanks for stopping by and checking out CopperDog!

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About Volunteer Loyalty

A few years ago a rather prominent event planner in the Keweenaw told us that “CopperDog has an amazingly high level of volunteer loyalty; people just keep coming out year after year to support this event.” We reflected on this comment and agreed; CopperDog has an amazing turnout of volunteer each and every year, but why? “Why do people come out for CopperDog?” is one of those questions that we have been asking for years and never been fully able to answer. 

We suspect the answer has something to do with “inclusion”. Where so many events like foot races, bike races, ski races, triathlons, and various other sports tournaments are focused on the sport and on the athletes, CopperDog is focused much more strongly on community and the idea of people and organizations coming together to do something truly wonderful.

Look around, athletes are everywhere: walking, running, biking, skiing, swimming, skating, and playing all kinds of sports.  But people dedicating their lives to gliding down a trail scrutinizing dog butts, that is far less common; in fact it’s incredibly rare comparatively speaking. 

What our volunteers do have in common is the love of the Upper Peninsula, the Copper Country and the Keweenaw. The CopperDog 150 ultimately earns volunteer loyalty because they love this place in which we live, they love the life and vitality that the CopperDog resonates, they love being included and playing an important part in a world-class event that happens right in their backyard, and they breath in the magic and beauty of mushing and dog teams races through the countryside and go home feeling inspired, energized and richer from the experience.

Hopefully, the CopperDog will continue to inspire us for many years to come and old friends will continue to return each year and new friends with come out and become part of our family. CopperDog is about inclusion, about bringing people together, about hard work that is totally worth it, about being inspired by moments of true beauty, and the satisfaction that comes from a shared success.

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