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Keweenaw Detachment #1016 Marine Corps League

This MCL Detachment was chartered about ten years ago, (May 1999) by local Houghton County  former Marines.  Our purpose is “To serve and aid Marines, their families, Veterans and local community, through promoting and observing the principles and purpose of the Marine Corps League.”  We serve the Houghton /Baraga/Keweenaw/Ontonagon Counties and aid as necessary other counties.

We are the largest of the five Marine Corps League Detachments in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  As part of the National and Department of Michigan Marine Corps League, we are a tax exempt, not for profit organization, and have access to some help from them to achieve our local goals.

The Keweenaw Detachment #1016, is an organization primarily made up of men and women who have honorably served or still serve our country in the United States Marine Corps. They range from Marine veterans of the present War on Terrorism  to WWII Marines.  The Detachment also welcomes, (and has), Associate Members from other branches of the military as well as non veterans who support our goals.

The Keweenaw Detachment provides assistance to all Veterans with benefit questions or concerns by establishing proper avenues of contact for them and their families and has provided direct help during times of distress and offers the continuing comradeship of the brotherhood of Marines.       We aid as much as possible the hospitalized veterans in Iron Mountain, in the D.J.Jacobetti Home for Veterans in Marquette, through the “Marines Helping Marines” program, as well as sending packages to our local active duty Marines in harms way.

We have Detachment Scholarships which are now being given out.

Our newsletter is provided to all members and includes information on the happenings of the detachment and other affairs of interest to the detachment. Our members also receive a National Marine Corps League “SEMPER FI” Magazine and a State Magazine the “Michigan Marine News”.

The detachment has, in the past, participated and won some awards in the National MCL Rifle/Pistol Postal Matches where shooters have their scores entered in the national competition, but due to a very busy schedule we do not participate in the shooting match every year.

We have annually a Detachment Picnic in the summer, and a Marine Corps Birthday Party in November.

Our Color Guard/Honor Guard participates in many parades and ceremonies throughout the year.  A full military funeral service is available to all Marines through our Color Guard/Honor Guard. Our members also lend support to the Copper Country Veterans Assoc. with their veteran funeral service activities throughout the area at many funerals.

The Keweenaw Detachment has supported the United States Marine Corps Reserve “Toys for Tots” program throughout all four counties for the past ten years as we are the Official Local Community Organization for the “Toys for Tots”.  The “Toys for Area Youth” Fund Drive has been established by the detachment to provide necessary items to complete wish lists for the “Toys for Tots” program, and to provide funds as needed during the year for children’s needs when called for. This fund has been “tapped” during the years several times.

The Keweenaw Detachment has helped within the community when a call for assistance is made whether  for the raising of funds or of physical help, and we have also been supportive of other Veteran Organizations.

Every year we place over 1200 United States flags on veterans graves at the Forest Hill Cemetery above Houghton before Memorial Day, where they remain until after the 4th of July.

Since our area youth are very important, the detachment offers assistance to the Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts and there is the availability of a Young Marines program, a Physical Fitness program, also H.S. band awards to area schools.  The fitness program scores are on the accomplishments of all children.

Our only limitation is the manpower and time to do all that we would like to do.

To become a Member -or- Associate Member of our Detachment, a Marine veteran or another person who supports our goals, is only required to pay a yearly dues of $30.00.  A Life Membership with the costs scaled according to age is also available to members in good standing.

Detachment meetings are 7:00pm, the third Thursday of the month, normally at the VFW hall in South Range.

For more information, visit our web site at

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Volunteer Loyalty

A few years ago a prominent event planner in the Keweenaw told us that “CopperDog has an amazingly high level of volunteer loyalty; people just keep coming out year after year to support this event.” We reflected on this comment and agreed; CopperDog has an amazing turn out of volunteer each and every year, but why? “Why do people come out for CopperDog?” is one of those questions that we have been asking for years and never been fully able to answer. We suspect the answer has something to do with “inclusion”. Where so many events like foot races, bike races, ski races, triathlons, and various other sports tournaments are focused on the sport and on the athletes, CopperDog is focused much more strongly on community and the idea of people and organizations coming together to do something truly wonderful.

Photo Courtesy of Bill Fink

Look around, athletes are everywhere walking, running, biking, skiing, swimming, skating, and playing all kinds of sports, but people dedicating their lives to gliding down a trail scrutinizing dog butts, that is far less common, in fact it’s incredibly rare comparatively speaking. What does everyone that comes together for CopperDog have in common? Easy, they are not mushers.

What everyone DOES have in common is the love of the Upper Peninsula, the Copper Country and the Keweenaw. The CopperDog 150 ultimately promotes loyalty in people because they love this place in which we live, they love the life and vitality that the CopperDog resonates, they love being included and playing an important part in a truly world-class event that happens right in their back yard, and they breath in the magic and beauty of mushing and dog teams races through the countryside and go home feeling inspired, energized and richer from the experience.

Hopefully, the CopperDog will continue to inspire us for many years to come and old friends will continue to return each year and new friends with come out and become part of our family. CopperDog is about inclusion, about bringing people together, about hard work that is totally worth it, about being inspired by moments of true beauty, and the satisfaction that comes from a shared success.

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Greeting from the Trail Desk

Greetings from the Trail Desk!

For those who don’t know, the Keweenaw has been in a state of a constantly shaken snow globe since Thanksgiving. It may be blue skies and sunny all over the rest of the UP, but it’s snowing 6 miles North of Baraga to Copper Harbor. Yes and that is every day. The month of December recorded 127 inches for Central Keweenaw County and 115 inches for Southern Keweenaw County. The season total as of Jan. 16th

That’s double of what fell for the season total at this time last year. Ok with all that being said, how does that translate to trail conditions? Well we started the snow season with a good dump of wet heavy system snow and then 1/2" inch of rain, a base maker for sure. Continued by Lake Effect Snow (LES) or our constant snow globe effect. This snow is generally very light, fluffy and accumulates rapidly. The month of December saw below average temperatures creating very dry sandy like snow, not ideal for making snowballs, snow people, snow forts, or trail pack.

If it wasn’t -10 degrees one might think you were at the beach with very white sand. Over the last weekend we had a nice respite from the snow, cold temps and grey gloom. Temperatures climbed to the low 30’s during day and below freezing at night. The weekend also brought with it sunny clear blue skies allowing for a slight melt and settling of the snow load during day and refreezing at night. Trails are currently measuring a 36 inch snow pack throughout the Keweenaw. 

The trails for most of the season have been in fantastic shape, but now some of the best we’ve had in years at this time of the season. 

Even as I type this, the snow if falling and has been for the last couple of days. It’s looking like we shall keep up the snow globe effect through the month of Jan. Historically we should see less snow than December brings, but the “Big Lake” controls that destiny. 

Jeff Foss
Trail Director

Central Keweenaw Snow Totals: Keweenaw County Road Commission – Averaged measurements of Phoenix and Delaware. Keweenaw County Snowfall

Southern Keweenaw Snow Totals: John Dee – Copper Falls.

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2014 CopperDog Registration Opens!

Friends, Fans, Mushers, Volunteers and All,

Tomorrow morning (Saturday, September 7, 2013, 9:00AM), CopperDog will open registration for the 2014 CopperDog 150 and CopperDog 40. Stop by the website where you will see links to register and also see who has registered.  Saturday is shaping up to be a very exciting Saturday morning. We here at CopperDog are already gearing up to man the headquarters (actually Todd's unfinished basement) tomorrow to assist in any registration issues. 

Click here to register...

If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to call me (Meredith) at 517-974-8579. Get ready for the 2014 racing season!  The 150 course will remain close to the same as last year in terms of mileage, we may make a few trail modifications.  The 40 course will be again ending in Eagle River

Anxiously awaiting who registers tomorrow!

Meredith, Kim, Todd, Abbey and the rest of our dedicated CopperDog team.

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