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CopperDog 40 Champions

Know the names of past CopperDog 150 Champions as they are the teams to beat. Since there are small alterations to the race routes each year, performance is show as average miles per hour rather than overall time.

Year Musher Team State Final
2010-CD35 Saffron Hooper-Kay Caribou Creek Racing Team MI 12.07
2011-CD35 Monte Simmons Doe Creek Kennel MI 10.79
2012-CD35 Jerry Trudell Sharks Come Racing... MI 11.38
2013-CD40 Martha Schouweiler Otter Run Kennel WI 13.98
2014-CD40 Matt Sturmer Deepwoods Husky Dogs MI 11.47
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2015 CopperDog 40 Who's Registered?

2015 CopperDog 150 Sport
Sport, 6 Dog Race, 42 Miles, 1 Stage, $1,000 Purse, Pays 1st - 5th
Registration Cap: 18 Teams
  Bib Musher Kennel/Team City, State Fin
1 Kenneth Zettler Isa Karhunpesa Rhinelander, WI
2 Al Krause Firestar Kennel Washburn, WI
3 Lynne Witte Iskristall... Mt. Clemens, MI
4 Roscoe Bland North Ridge Samoyeds Milltown, IN
5 Randy Foust Tanglefoot Racing Mountain, WI
6 Krystal Hagstrom Firestar Kennel Cornucopia, WI
7 Jerry Trudell ...Sharks Came Racing Calumet, MI
8 Blair Braverman Tanglefoot Racing Mountain, WI
9 David Gordon Maple Ridge Kennel Duluth, MN
10 Dave Turner Southeastern Sled Dogs Sandy, OR
11 Dave Turner Southeastern Sled Dogs Sandy, OR
12 Linda Thompson Yoop It Up Kennel Cannon Falls, MN
13 Jerry Papke Alder Creek Kennel Kingston, MI
14 Mike Betz Alder Creek Kennels Hudson, WI
15 Jon Perry Wolf Track Kennel Hastings, MI
16 Stephanie Mundell The Algoma Snow Puppy... Algoma, WI
17 Martha Schouweiler Otter run kennel Irma, WI
18 Ron Hayden Hillside Huskies Seven Hills, OH
19 Katie Kunze Nature's Kennel Curtis, MI

2015 CopperDog 40 Sport

42 Mile, 1 Stage, 6 Dog, $1,500 Purse, Award 1st - 5th, Max 18 Teams

For those race teams not looking to compete in the long race, we offer the CopperDog 40 Recreational Race. This 40-mile, 6-dog race enjoys the same excitement and energy as the Professional Class, including the fabulous downtown Calumet start. Recreational teams will leave immediately following the pro-class teams.

Race Dates:
Friday, February 27, 2015

Race Format:
42 Miles
1 Stage

Race Purse:
$1,500 (1st - 5th)

Max Teams:
18 Teams

Don’t miss out on the friendly people, welcoming communities, challenging trails, formidable competition, and the peace and tranquility that blossoms from the Keweenaw trails at night.

Award money will be paid to first through fifth place.  There is a limit of 18 teams for this event, register early to secure your position.

The Keweenaw Peninsula is one of the most unique geographic features of the Great Lakes region. "Lake-effect" snow storms contribute to the average 273 inches of snow-fall each year making the CopperDog 40 the perfect choice for a mid-March race. Experience of the CopperDog 40 for yourself!

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CopperDog 40 - Single Stage

The CopperDog 40 Sport offers recreational mushers an opportunity to race in the big leagues sharing in the glorious fanfare of the fabulous downtown Calumet start with thousands of fans cheering their teams off into the night.

We don't skip a beat Friday night, CopperDog 40 teams head out right on the heels of the CopperDog 150 teams and share the same race route until the finish, where CopperDog 40 teams finish in Eagle River while CopperDog 150 teams go on to Eagle Harbor.

Many a 10-dog team have been tempted to take that left hand turn and follow the Sport teams into Eagle River, for the legends of Eagle Rivers welcoming hospitality is nothing short of legendary.

Musher's who have run the CopperDog 150 OR CopperDog 40 often call the Friday night stage "technical" due to the more than 25 road crossings staffed will volunteers. Lead dogs can often be spooked by the number of people present at crossings or by volunteers that are a little too energetic. 

Starting in 2014, CopperDog planners are implementing measures to reduced the stress caused on dogs at road crossings. This includes re-education of volunteers concerning "mentally stressing dogs", reducing of the number of volunteers assigned to crossings and a liberal use of snowfence at crossings.

CopperDog invested in an additional 3,000 feet of snow fence for 2014. Half of this fence will be set up at the Traprock Bridge (Crossing #90) and the remainder cut into 25 and 50 foot segments, fitted with dowels, and distributed to volunteers for use at crossings.  Because the snow fence is support by dowels at either end (and sometimes in the middle), two to three volunteers can simply hold and stretch the snow fence in and out of position as mushers come through crossings.

The CopperDog 40 is a challenging mid-distance competition for 6-dog teams and a excellent choice for a first race at CopperDog!

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2015 CD40 Race Purse

We are pleased to announce about a 33% increase in the 2015 CopperDog 40 race purse over the 2014 race.

CopperDog 35 Race Purse
Finish 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
1st - - 500 500 500 500
2nd - - 300 300 300 350
3rd - - 200
200 250
4th - - - - 100 175
5th - - -
100 125
Total - -
1,000 1,000 1,200 1,500

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