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CopperDog Event Calendar

Date Event Place
Sat, Dec 13, 1:00PM Free Kids Sled Dog Rides Agassiz Park, Calumet
(Mid January, TBA) Lead Volunteer Training - Session 1  Jutila Center, Hancock
(Mid February, TBA) Lead Volunteer Training - Session 2 Jutila Center, Hancock
(Late Feb, TBA) Volunteer Training CLK Schools, Calumet
Fri, Feb 27, 6:30PM CopperDog Opening Ceremony 5th Street, Calumet
Fri, Feb 27 CopperDog 40 (only stage) Calumet - Eagle River
Fri, Feb 27 CopperDog 150 - Stage 1 Calumet - Eagle Harbor
Sat, Feb 28, Noon Doghouse Races 5th Street, Calumet
Sat, Feb 28, Afternoon, Free Kids Sled Dog Rides Visitors Center, Copper Harbor
Sat, Feb 28 CopperDog 150 - Stage 2 Eagle Harbor - Copper Harbor
Sun, Mar 1 CopperDog 150 - Stage 3 Copper Harbor - Calumet
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2015 "Adobt-a-Musher" Host Families Wanted

CopperDog is seeking people who are interested in hosting a musher and their team for one or two nights and connecting them with mushers who need a place to park their vehicles and a warm/dry place to rest.  This is the second year for this exciting program.

When are host families needed?

  • Thursday, Feb 26 – Within 45 miles of Calumet
  • Friday, Feb 27 – Within 45 miles of Eagle Harbor
  • Saturday, Feb 28 – Within 45 miles of Copper Harbor
  • Sunday, March 3 – Within 45 miles of Calumet

What do host families provide?

  • Provide a quiet place for mushers and handlers to sleep
  • A safe place to park their truck so they can feed and care for their dogs.
  • Providing a meal is optional, but a nice touch

What can host families expect?

  • Dogs sleep in the truck and are not allowed to run free
  • Dogs may bark and may make noise
  • Mushers may arrive late and depart early

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in being a host family or if you are a race team in need of a host family, or just want more information about the program, please contact Melissa Goulette,our Host Family Coordinator at or just give her a call 906-337-3031.

Many great friendships are formed when hosting a team.  It’s a great opportunity for a host family to learn about mushing and how these amazing athletic dogs are cared for.  The host family also ends up with a team to cheer on in the race.

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2015 Food Vendors Wanted

If you are a food vendor, CopperDog wants you ... and your food! (We want you even if you're not a food vendor, but that's another issue.)

CopperDog is currently accepting food vendor applications for the Friday night (Friday, February 27, 2015) race start event. That Friday night, thousands of people will converge on historic downtown Calumet, all of them wanting food and drinks. Last year nearly 5000 people attended the race start. This year we are expecting 4000 - 6000 people. We want those people to come hungry and to be able to get some food while they watch the race.

CopperDog is not just about sled dogs. It's about community involvement and vitality. It's about creating a great event that brings people together. Having food and drinks available is part of this vision. And the better the entire vendor program, the better the individual success of each vendor.

To ensure that spectators and vendors have a good experience CopperDog is introducing a Vendor Facilitation Program. Our goal is to identify great locations for vendors to set up shop, with easy access to for spectators. Power will be provided, and CopperDog will coordinate with vendors to avoid duplication of menus. CopperDog will advertise and promote vendor menus and provide location maps to the public. We will also be campaigning for people to come early, come hungry, and have dinner downtown during the race start. And we will work to retain a balance between downtown Calumet restaurants and vendor services.

For more information, and to fill out an application, please contact Renee Cunningham at To see a copy of the application Please click here.

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2014 Kids Sled Dog Rides

Saturday, December 13th, 1PM - 3PM!

Agassiz Park, Calumet

CopperDog is hosting the annual Free Kids Sled Dog Rides on Saturday, December 13, from 1PM - 3PM. Children of all ages are invited to take a ride in a musher's sled pulled by sled dogs from Tom Bauer's Otter River Sled Dog Training Center and Wilderness Adventures. The free rides provide an excellent opportunity for kids to learn about the sport of mushing, hands on. There will be free hot dogs and hot chocolate, as well as, other great mushers and their dog teams. Families will also have an opportunity to get a free photo keepsake of their kids with the “celebrities” of the day- the dogs of course!

Everyone is welcome but we ask one favor for the safety and health of the sled dogs — if you think you have a “track running Terrier” or a “sprinting Springer Spaniel”, please, let them stay at home.

CopperDog 150 - Kids Sled Dog Rides - Agassiz Park from Defined Visuals on Vimeo.

Bring your family out and enjoy the afternoon with CopperDog!

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2nd Annual CopperDog "Doghouse Races"


2nd Annual Competition is on Saturday, February 28, 2015 on 5th Street in downtown Calumet!

Registration opens is January 2015... details to come.

Here's an easy way to make $250, just build a doghouse, put together a team, get a few friends to do the same and you are in the money... if you are fast enough!

1st Place ............ $250

2nd Place .......... $100

3rd Place ........... $75

Fan Favorite ...... $75

The Event

  • A starting 1-block pull, followed by a “bone toss”, wrapped up by a 1-block pull. For the “bone toss” when any of the teams members are able to land three dog-bogs in a dish, the team may continue.
  • The race is open to the entire family. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Teams are encouraged to embrace “themes” add dress appropriately.

    The clock stops when the entire team, including the doghouse, crosses the finish line.


  • The doghouse must be constructed out of sturdy materials that will not shatter (glass) or leave any sharp debris on the snow road. The doghouse may be constructor out of materials such as cardboard and duct tape.
  • This is a race competition; the doghouse should slide on the snow road riding on skies, sled or other slipper contraption.
  • The dog house should be able to support the weight of a rider inside or on top of the structure.
  • The dog house must be rigged to be pulled with a rope or cable of some fashion. There is no limit on the length of the rope. The rope may have knots, loops, or any sort of harness attached to help pullers hold onto the rope when running.
  • The doghouse must have a name (preferably in good taste) easily readable on the structure.


  • The doghouse may be pulled by up to 8 humans (adults or kids).
  • People may be spaced by any interval along a rope of any length.
  • Ropes may be rigged with harness, bars, loops or anything pull the rope.
  • Riders must stay in or on the doghouse and cannot help with locomotion.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions on the race or entry, please contact our lead organizer Heather at Thank your for your time, and we hope to see your team on the snow road!

2015 CopperDog 150
Saturday Event Committee

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6th Annual CopperDog Festival Weekend

Friday, February 28

  • Music, Food, Art & Fun
  • Meet the dog teams
  • Start of Stage 1
  • Fireworks Finale
  • Eagle Harbor Finish
  • Eagle River Finish

Saturday, February, 29

  • Eagle Harbor Start
  • Learn About Mushing
  • "Doghouse" Races
  • Kids sled dog rides
  • Copper Harbor Finish

Sunday, March 1

  • Start in Copper Harbor
  • Finish in Calumet
  • Victory Awards Dinner
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