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Register Now for 2013 CopperDog

Registration for the CopperDog 150 and CopperDog 40 is now open.  The CopperDog 150 has a maximum of 30 teams and the CopperDog 40 can take 15 teams.  Registration opened on Monday, September 17, 2012 at 8am EST as previously announced.

Click here to register now...

As some of you many know from prior years, our online registration system can be a little temperamental at time and PayPal can be sassy with some people's credit cards, so please take your time as you move through each step. If you have any problems, just give Meredith LaBeau a call at 517-974-8579, she is super helpful!


The CopperDog 150 Pro-Class race appears to be popular this year. Registration for this event reached the maximum of 30 teams around 11:30AM on the opening day of registration. We are greatly honored by the excellent turnout of mushers who put their faith in us to put on a great race. Thank you for the support, truly, thank you.

Registration for the CopperDog 150 may be full at the moment, but you should still get on the waiting list! In the past, every musher on the waiting list eventually made it into the race due to drop outs. We recommend getting your team on the list now.

To get on the waiting list, just proceed with the normal registration process. Teams that do not make it into the race will receive a full refund of their registration fee.

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