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"Oh What Fun It Is To Ride..."

Part of the mission of the CopperDog organization is to find ways to enrich our community and an important part of our community is our kids. And what is a fun, exciting way for us to do accomplish this? Well, giving them a chance to experience one of the most exciting winter sports that you will ever see in the Keweenaw…sled dog racing!

December 15th, 1 - 3PM!

CopperDog is sponsoring their annual Free Kids Sled Dog Rides on Saturday, December 15 Agassiz Park, Calumet. This event is a sure sign that sled dog season is here and the CopperDog races are just around the corner!

Children of all ages will have the chance to sit in an actual dog sled and take a ride with a team of some amazing athletes — furry, four-legged ones. Professional Musher Tom Bauer of Otter River Sled Dog Training Center and Wilderness Adventures will be bringing his dogs to Calumet, giving kids the chance to experience a small glimpse into this great sport.

Not only are the rides free, but there will be free hot dogs and hot chocolate for all from 1:00pm until 3:00pm. Several other teams along with their musher will be there for the public to meet and ask questions about these unique animals, and the sport of sled dog racing.

Families will also have a chance to get a free photo keepsake of their kids with the “celebrities” of the day- the dogs of course! Everyone is welcome but we ask one favor for the safety and health of the sled dogs — if you think you have a “track running Terrier” or a “sprinting Springer Spaniel”, please, let them stay at home.

Bring your family out and enjoy the afternoon with CopperDog, on Saturday, December 15, 1pm to 3pm in Calumet's Agassiz Park.

Update (12/16/2012): The annual December kids rides came off without a hitch despite Mother Nature not being most cooperative.  Check the CopperDog blog page for a full update by Kim Pici.

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