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Fireworks - A Little Fundraising

Each year we have finished CopperDog Friday night with a bang ... literally! After the teams depart on the first leg of the race, the wintery streets of Calumet stay abuzz with anticipation. The fireworks will go off in mere minutes. There's something special about fireworks going off ... in the middle of winter ... over the quaint, historic streets of Calumet.

But this truly unique spectacle is in trouble. We will not be able to afford to set off the sparks without a little financial assistance from everyone who enjoys them. With a small ($5, $10, $25) contribution from enough people, we will be able to buy enough fireworks to make quite a show. 

Will you help us make this CopperDog Friday fireworks one to remember? Please donate. If you are a business or organization who would like to help make the fireworks possible by giving a larger amount, please contact Abbey Green at Thank you!

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