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Volunteer Training - Classroom & Hands On Sessions

Sunday, February 24, 1pm - 3pm

Behind CLK Schools (rear parking lot)

Safety is one of the biggest concerns of CopperDog and a strong volunteer base is one our most important resources.  We put a lot of time and energy into planning a safe race, but ultimately its the volunteers that hold the lines and take action on the trail.  When it come to actually executing a safety event, its the volunteers in the field that everyone is counting on.

To better familiarize our volunteers with what can go around and equip them to handle situations that may arise, we provide volunteers with training at our annual hands-on volunteer training session.  The training session is fun and very straight forward with 45 minutes of indoor training and 45 minutes of outside training working with dog teams.

We strongly encourage all volunteers and anyone from the general public who wants to learn the ins and outs of a musher's sled and the dog team that pulls it; wants to learn the do's and don'ts of working with sled-dogs; wants to learn about race safety and communication procedures; and wants to work hands-on with a couple of dog teams to gain experience to attend this volunteer training session.

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