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CopperDog Adds $500 Purse To "Doghouse Races"


REGISTRATION at 11:00AM on Saturday, March 1st, 2014 in downtown Calumet

Mushers want just three things from a race providing organizations: (1) an event, (2) a safe fast trail and (3) a little money on the line to make things interesting. CopperDog is borrowing from mushers thinking and applying these three basic rules to the new "Doghouse" race to take place in downtown Calumet on Saturday, March 1 at 11:30AM.

1st Place ............ $250
2nd Place .......... $100
3rd Place ........... $75
Fan Favorite ...... $75

But there's a catch... there must be at least 3 teams competing in the race for the prize money to be awarded. Here's an easy way to make $250, just build a doghouse, put together a team, get a few friends to do the same and your'e in the money (If your'e fast enough that is)!


To participate in the Doghouse Race, you must construct a doghouse following the Doghouse Race rules. Each team must consist of one person riding in the doghouse with up to eight people pulling the doghouse.

Do you have a friendly competition within the community? Challenge your rival to construct a wonder of modern doghouse technology! The greater the architecture and creative your team name, the greater your chance to win fan favorite doghouse! Assemble your team of “dogs” to pull your house to glory and bragging rights!

Doghouses will be judged prior to the race by the crowd at large to determine the winner of fan favorite doghouse. The overall race winner will be determined by individual timed heats down the snow road of Calumet. The race includes: one block run, a dog bone toss where the team must sink three bones into a dog dish in order to proceed, followed by a final one block run to the finish line.

Registration will be accept right up to the start of the race on Saturday at 11:00AM!  No excuses! Get your house build and your team put together and come out and win some money.

If you have any questions on the race or entry, please contact our lead organizer Heather at Thank your for your time, and we hope to see your team on the snow road!

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