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Our Volunteer Sponsor!

The CopperDog 150 is an event that we look forward to supporting every year as the official volunteer sponsor.

We  believe in supporting efforts like this that promote economic vitality for our area.  Our employees are always willing to step up and help out in our community and this event is no different. 

That’s why it is important for us to be involved and help with securing the many volunteers that are needed to put on an event of this magnitude.

Matthew Vertin
Keweenaw Health Foundation
Aspirus Keweenaw

2011 Volunteers


Volunteer Training Today, 1-3PM, CLK School!

UPDATE: The volunteer training session postponed from yesterday to today is a go!  Race officials and mushers will be on-site to teach and demonstrate best practices to volunteers of next week's big event. Park in the rear parking lot behind CLK Schools. Indoor training at 1:00PM. Outdoor training at 2:00PM. See you there.

Safety is one of the biggest concerns of CopperDog and a strong volunteer base is one our most important resources.  We put a lot of time and energy into planning a safe race, but ultimately its the volunteers that hold the lines and take action on the trail.  When it come to actually executing a safety event, its the volunteers in the field that everyone is counting on.

To better familiarize our volunteers with what can go around and equip them to handle situations that may arise, we provide volunteers with training at our annual hands-on volunteer training session.  The training session is fun and very straight forward with 45 minutes of indoor training and 45 minutes of outside training working with dog teams.

We strongly encourage all volunteers and anyone from the general public who wants to learn the ins and outs of a musher's sled and the dog team that pulls it; wants to learn the do's and don'ts of working with sled-dogs; wants to learn about race safety and communication procedures; and wants to work hands-on with a couple of dog teams to gain experience to attend this volunteer training session.

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Volunteers Make CopperDog Happen!

Three weeks out from race weekend and we still have some great places and jobs open. Our most critical need is always crossing guards, who attend an intersection of road and trail, making sure the teams cross safely. We also are looking for people to install and remove snow fence, help with events on Saturday, and dog handling teams for the starts in Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor.

If you are interested in any of these roles, please go to and use the volunteer tab to sign up. Below is a list of road crossings where we still need help. The number of volunteers needed is in parentheses.

Friday Night

  • #10 Spruce St (4)
  • #90 Traprock Bridge (15)
  • #100 Bootjack Rd Trail Entrance (4)
  • #150 Big Traverse (2)
  • #160 Lake Linden Gay Rd (20)
  • #170 Mohawk-Gay Rd (2)
  • #215 Garden City (10)
  • #220 Padburg/Eagle Harbor Cutoff Rd (3)


  • #310 US41-Delaware (10)
  • #210 Gratiot Lake Rd (4)
  • #195 Chopps Rd (4)
  • #320 Cliff Drive (9)
  • #330 1st St in Mohawk (2)
  • #360 Number 6 Rd (4)
  • #370 N Ahmeek St (4)
  • #380 Copper City Rd (3)
  • #90 Mayflower Rd (2)
  • #10 Spruce St (4)

Thank you for your help!

Brian Donnelly
Volunteer Coordinator
2014 CopperDog 150

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2014 Volunteer Drive - Saturday, February 1, 2014

Free Treats! Great Swag! Sled Dogs! Family Fun! CopperDog!

The annual CopperDog 150 Volunteer Drive, brought to you by River Valley Bank and Aspirus Keweenaw, is this Saturday at River Valley Bank, Calumet from 10AM to 2PM. Everyone from the community is invited to come out and have some free treats, check out the great swag, pet sled-dogs, and have a little bit of easy family fun.

Saturday, February 1, 2013 from 10AM - 2PM

The annual volunteer drive is a great place to learn about the CopperDog 150 and how you can get involved and help make this growing event a huge success for our community. People interested in volunteering for CopperDog can learn about the various positions, openings, and needs of the event and take some assignments on the spot.

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2014 Volunteer Registration Is Open!

Click here to volunteer...

Volunteer registration is now open for the CopperDog 150 and CopperDog 40 sled dog races this coming Feb 28 - March 2, 2014.  There are literally hundreds of shifts and positions to fill, so we need your help.  Please take a look at the volunteer schedule, find something that suites your liking and sign-up for as many shifts as you want.  Please watch out for conflicts in your schedule.

A few new features...

The volunteer system has some new features.  There are many more jobs listed, including jobs that are by appointment or internal to the race.  You'll have to contact our volunteer coordinator to sign-up for these jobs as they require experience or special gear.  When you sign-up you can also indicate how many people you are bringing with you.  This makes it easy for a family member or leader of a team to include multiple people with their registration, although we strongly encourage people to have their own account and volunteer schedule.

Register a couple, group, or team...

When you register more than just yourself for a volunteer shift, you become responsible to bring all of the people you indicated.  Kids age 14 and over are considered able bodied volunteers, but there must be at least one adult (18+) on each shift.  Kids 13 and younger are welcome to volunteer, but do not count towards the minimum number of volunteers that must be present.  Volunteering is fun for the entire family, we just need to make sure that our bases or covered to provide a safe event for all.

There might be bugs...

The volunteer system is still a little buggy and might blow up in your face from time to time.  Please let us know if this happens to you, if the system doesn't work as expect, or you just have ideas on how to improve it.  Send an e-mail to Todd Brassard with a description of the problem.  Cut and paste the error if you can.  Thanks for using our online system to volunteer for CopperDog!

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2013 CopperDog 150 on Google Maps

Volunteers! We have our trail maps and crossing locations available via Google Maps below:

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2014 Volunteer Guide to Road Crossings

Click to view Volunteer Guide to Road Crossings.

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2014 Lead Volunteer Program

In 2013 the CopperDog 150 announced a new Lead Volunteer Program for those people in the community who are interested in serving a larger and more important role on CopperDog weekend.  The volunteers who join this program will learn about the inner workings of sled-dog racing, learn new skills and the tools used to manage the CopperDog 150, and go on to play important leadership roles during the running of the dogs in 2014.

2014 Schedule - Open to General Public

  • Lead Volunteer Training, January 11th, 11am - 1pm - Finlandia Jutila Center
  • Lead Volunteer Training, January 25th, 11am - 1pm - Finlandia Jutila Center

Program goals

The goals of the are simple, but important to the evolution of the CopperDog races:

  • To recruit 10 to 20 enthusiastic CopperDog volunteers
  • To educate volunteers on the inner workings of the race and provide them with the information, tools, and insight necessary to serve in leads roles on race weekend
  • To conduct two 2-hour training session, in the months leading up to race weekend
  • Choose assignments early for lead volunteers to give them time to make their own plans
  • For lead-volunteers to play very active roles with logistic, resources, and people management

Who should join this program?

Become a lead-volunteer because...

  • You love CopperDog and want to be a huge part of the events success in 2014
  • You aren't ready to join a committee but would like to give a little more time to the event
  • You are willing to commit to 2-4 hours of your time over 2 months to become a leader
  • You want to learn more about how the CopperDog is organized and executed
  • You want the insight, information, and tools to be a great leader during the race.

How do I get involved?

That's easy... just write to Brian Donnelly at to express your interest.

When do things get moving?

Now!  We are actively seeking to start building our team of lead-volunteers.  We need your help.  Th CopperDog 150 is an amazingly unique and fun experience.  Get involved today!

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2014 Adobt-a-Musher Host Family Program

CopperDog is seeking people in our local communities who are interested in hosting a musher and their team for one or two nights and connecting them with mushers who need a place to park their vehicles and a warm/dry place to rest.  This is the second year for this exciting program.

When are host families needed?

  • Thursday, Feb 27 – Within 45 miles of Calumet
  • Friday, Feb 28 – Within 45 miles of Eagle Harbor
  • Saturday, March 1 – Within 45 miles of Copper Harbor
  • Sunday, March 2 – Within 45 miles of Calumet

What do host families provide?

  • Provide a quiet place for mushers and handlers to sleep
  • A safe place to park their truck so they can feed and care for their dogs.
  • Providing a meal is optional, but a nice touch

What can host families expect?

  • Dogs sleep in the truck and are not allowed to run free
  • Dogs may bark and may make noise
  • Mushers may arrive late and depart early

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in being a host family or if you are a race team in need of a host family, or just want more information about the program, please contact Melissa Goulette,our Host Family Coordinator at or just give her a call 906-337-3031.

Many great friendships are formed when hosting a team.  It’s a great opportunity for a host family to learn about mushing and how these amazing athletic dogs are cared for.  The host family also ends up with a team to cheer on in the race.

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