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Register Now for 2014 Race

If you want to register for the CopperDog 150 Pro-Class Race or the CopperDog 40 Rec-Class Race, you've found the right place. Click here to register now!

Registration happens through our online store, which is a little quirky at times, just add registrations to your cart and check out.

Need help?  Call Meredith LaBeau at 517-974-8579.

Please!  If you have raced with us before or have had a user account on this web site in the past, use that account.  Do not create a new account.  If you cannot remember your sign on information, please call Meredith at the above number for assistance.

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Need more information, have questions, or need help registering to race? Please contact Meredith LaBeau at (517) 974-8579 or Todd Brassard at (906) 370-9972.

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