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Race Registration

CopperDog offers two great sled-dog racing experiences - the CopperDog 150 Professional and CopperDog 80 Recreational. Registrations are accepted in the order they are received.

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Email Race Director Jeff Foss at

2018 CopperDog 150 Race Registration

Professional, 10 Dog Team/Pool, 135 Miles, 3 Stages

Our premier competition, the CopperDog 150 features an amazing Downtown Calumet start and finish, visits the beautiful communities of Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor, and offers three exciting days of sled dog adventure on the beautiful trails of the Keweenaw. You must be qualified to compete in this event, see Race Rules.

2018 CopperDog 80 Race Registration

Competitive, 6-Dog Team (7-Dog Pool), 77 Miles, 2 Stages

Our recreational competition, the CopperDog 80 features an amazing Downtown Calumet start and finish. Stage 1 is a Friday night race and Stage 2 is a Sunday morning race. The CopperDog 80 visits the communities of Calumet, Eagle River and Copper Harbor. Please note there is a rest day between Stages 1 and 2. See website for details.

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