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The 2022 CD80 Race Results

The winner of the CD80 this year is Martha Schouweiler, followed by Lynne Witte, and Bucky Tippett in third place.

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2022 CD150 Winner is JR Anderson

JR Anderson had a strong showing in all three stages of the CD150 to secure another victory. JR was followed by Ruan Anderson who came in second, with Joanna Oberg finishing in third place.

The 2022 CD150 Results

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CD25 Race Results

CD25 Race - all participants finished the race. Ben Thompson was our winner with a time one hour 5 minutes and 40 seconds. He finished in front of Geri Minard by 11 seconds!. Third place went to Anna Anderson. Congratulations to all participants. Thanks to all our volunteers and sponsors who made the race possible.

CD25 Results

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CD150 Standings after Stage 2

The CD150 Stage 2 is now complete. The mushers and teams braved the rain to finish the stage. JR Anderson increased his lead. He has 13 minute lead over Ryan Anderson, followed by Joanna Oberg and Rita Wehseler.

The CD25 starts in Copper Harbor at 2:30pm. You can follow the race at

CD150 Standings after Stage 2

CD150 Stage 2 Results

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CD150 and CD80 Stage 1 Results

All teams finished stage 1 successfully after a well attended return to downtown Calumet for the renowned start of the CopperDog150 Friday Night! The CD150 Stage 2 started earlier this morning in Eagle Harbor - teams are expected to arrive soon in Copper Harbor

CD150 Stage 1 Results

CD80 Stage 1 Results

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Marquette Monthly Article on the CopperDog

The Marquette Monthly, the free UP wide paper focusing on community and events, is a new sponsor of the CopperDog. The CopperDog is featured in an article. Kelly Probst our Assistant Race Director along with two of our devoted mushers, Tom Bauer and Gini Menard, are interviewed as part of the story. Please check it out!

Marquette Monthly Article.

Keweenaw Mountain Lodge provides trails at no cost

One of the sponsors of the CopperDog, the historic Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, in Copper Harbor maintains 10km of cross country ski trails and over 3.5km of dedicated snowshoeing trails. This trail system is free to use by anyone using either cross country skis or snowshoes. Leashed dogs are welcome. No use of the winter trails without skis or snowshoes is allowed. All trail users must come inside the main Lodge and sign a waiver at the Outdoor Activity Center (OAC). The waiver is only required to be signed once per season. The OAC has snowshoes and Altai Hok skis available for rent on a first come, first serve basis. Please see www.keweenawmountainlodge.con or call 906.289.4403 ext. 4, for a grooming report, to reserve snowshoes or skis, or with questions about the trail.

Nashville Song Writers perform at Calumet Theatre during the CopperDog Weekend

Nashville songwriters to perform at the Calumet Theatre

7:30pm Saturday March 5th

The Calumet Theatre is proud to support the CopperDog by bringing an outstanding line up of Nashville Singer Song Writers to the Theatre Saturday March 5th at 7:00PM. Contact the Calumet Theatre for tickets or information. The entire CopperDog community is thankful that we are able to once again be working closely with the Theatre to provide an incredible CopperDog weekend.

The Calumet Theatre has made a donation of 40 tickets for volunteers to the concert. Reward yourself for volunteering the CopperDog by coming to the box office of the theatre. Simply show your name on your task in the volunteer system. Limited to the first 40 volunteers

Here is the background story from the Daily Mining Gazette.

The Daily Mining Gazette provided a front page article on the songwriters coming to the UP for CopperDog! Daily Mining Gazette" Nashville Hit Writers Come North for CopperDog 2022
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Changes to the CD80 - bring the 80 back home to Friday Night!


We're coming home? Oh yeah, we "double" are!

So happy to announce that the CD80 will now be leaving out of Calumet on Friday night!!! More teams, longer party, extra excitement, and a total win-win!

The first leg of the CD80 will now start immediately following the CD150 running "Calumet -to- Phoenix" on Friday night! The CD80 will finish at the Cliff View Bar right off of US-41. It's some 13 driving-miles, and some 38.6 mushing-miles, north of Calumet.

And we could not pick a better location for this finish. The Cliff View Bar is not only one of our sponsors, they have a great atmosphere, delicious food and beverages. And you don't even have to guess, it's warm inside! Please say thank you to Brad and Marjie for making this happen!

Race-wise, this is what's on the menu for the weekend:

Friday - March 4th
CD150 Calumet -to- Eagle Harbor
CD80 Calumet -to- Phoenix
Saturday - March 5th
CD150 Eagle Harbor -to- Copper Harbor
CD25 Copper Harbor -to- Copper Harbor
Sunday - March 6th
CD150 Copper Harbor -to- Eagle Harbor
CD80 Copper Harbor -to- Eagle Harbor

And folks DO NOT bring your pets to any of the starts, finishes, and/or viewing spots on the trail. Please respect this request; leave any and all your pets home!

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Brockit filming the CopperDog

Brockit Inc. proposed and was awarded grant funding for the creation of a documentary video surrounding the events and activities associated with the annual Copper Dog 150 sled dog race. This documentary will follow the race itself as it traverses the Keweenaw Peninsula but will specifically feature the selfless community and gorgeous peninsula that play host to this multi-day event.

As a photographer and filmmaker, I have had the the pleasure of operating as the official photographer for this race since it's inception over a decade ago. I am imbedded into the race, have a strong rapport with the board, race organizers and volunteers, the mushers, and even the athletes - the dogs. My mission every year is to artfully document the spirit of the race, convey a sense of adventure, and showcase the Keweenaw Peninsula which provides backdrop to this event. In addition, I have had the great pleasure of being able to regularly provide video and photo products to the Keweenaw Convention and Visitors Bureau (KCVB) in support of their own mission. As a commercial photographer, storyteller, and artist, I feel I have the skills but also the vision for how visual work can promote the Peninsula. It is my goal to take both of these experiences and combine them in a documentary that tells the story of the Copper Dog in a compelling, artistic way that embraces the community and motivates others to do what I'm fortunate to do every day - Explore the Keweenaw. 

photo credit: Jess Rich | brockit inc.

For this project I've been lucky to have the partnership and support of two companies who are equally passionate about the Keweenaw Peninsula and those who call it home. Iron Fish Distillery and Keweenaw Coffee Works have both committed to supporting this documentary, to hosting receptions and fundraisers, to pushing the final product through paid advertising and PR firms, and to even creating a new product whose sales will generate philanthropic support for an iconic feature of the Keweenaw Peninsula - the Calumet Theater. The product itself will carry the story of the documentary - amplifying the message and the reach.

photo credit: Jess Rich | brockit inc.

Brockit Inc. as a company, and I as a visual artist am excited for this idea. Personally, I'm deeply passionate about the Keweenaw Peninsula, its community, and its beauty. To be able to use the Copper Dog 150 as a vehicle to showcase the Peninsula, and with the support of two high-profile brands who are equally supportive is dreamy. With the support of the KCVB I could not ask for better partners all around.

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Caiana May Silvelet - the CopperDog 2022 Invited Artist!

We would like to introduce the CopperDog 2022 Featured Artist, Caiana Silvelet! Caiana is a 9th grader at Calumet High School. Her work will be featured on the Official 2022 CopperDog 150 race poster. In addition to the poster all race officials will be wearing her art on our badges. Congratulations, Caiana!

Fans will be able to buy a copy of the souvenir poster, both with this year's CopperDog 2022 designation and also as a separate poster and a t-shirt as part of our official CopperDog merchandise, proceeds from which support the operation of the CopperDog.

The Invited Artist program was started two years ago. Our first Invited Artist was famed local artist Chris Schmidt of Studio 13, We hope to continue this program going forward to feature our local artists, especially our talented young folks in the area school systems.

Caiana's biography

Caiana born in Michigan's Keweenaw, is 14 years old. She lives in Calumet, MI. She is bilingual in her dad's native language, Brazilian Portuguese, and has been homeschooled (Unschooling Philosophy) until 5th grade when she attended a few years in the Indianapolis Public School District, (Butler University Lab School 55). She is now a freshman at Calumet High School.

She is a self-taught musician and artist ranging in areas from singing/songwriting, playing piano and ukulele. She enjoys dance, painting, photography, drawing, and most recently, digital art. The piece being showcased this year is called, "The Copper Dog".

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Super Sled Dog Saturday January 22nd Kid's Sled Ride & Spaghetti Dinner

Super Sled Dog Saturday! January 22nd

Free Kid's Sled Rides Noon to 2pm Agassiz Park

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser 1pm to 5pm Elk's Lodge

The Free Kid's Sled Rides will be held again this year in Agassiz Park in Calumet from noon to 2pm. The rides are free. Children of all ages can enjoy being close to the mushers, their sled dogs, and rigs.

The annual Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser will be held from 1pm to 5pm at the Elk's in Calumet. $10.00 per person. Dine-in or Take-out is available. Music provided by Bob Hiltunen. Please join us for a great meal to support the CopperDog's return to Calumet. This year's race will be held March 4th through the 6th.

Meet Our Lead Sponsors

Meet our Lead Sponsors for 2022

Please support these businesses and organizations who make the CopperDog possible for all of us to enjoy. Featured here are the logos of our lead sponsors for the 2022 CopperDog150

2021 CopperDog 150 Final Results

The CopperDog150 for 2021 is in the record books. Congratulations to J.R. Anderson for his impressive win this year. All 23 teams finished all three stages of the race.

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Happy Health Dogs - No dogs allowed

The CopperDog race has some great superstars. Yes, we all know the dedication and hard work the “humans” put into this sport, but I am talking about the “4 –legged” Superstars- the dogs. Coined by our Senior Race Advisor Todd Brassard, one of the phrases you may hear during race weekend is “Happy Healthy Dogs”. With a team of skilled veterinarians, as well as a group of mushers that know how to care for these athletes, CopperDog is continuously trying to live up to just that…happy, healthy dogs.

These animals’ health and welfare is one of the highest priorities. Throughout race weekend, the veterinarians on staff work to make certain that these animals are in healthy condition and that no one places them in jeopardy.

We here at CopperDog would be remiss, if we did not do our part, to assist in striving to keep these animals safe and healthy during the race. We want everyone to come out and enjoy race weekend. It’s an exciting event that, thanks to the communities in and surrounding the Keweenaw, we should all be proud of.

We want to keep the dogs out of harm's way so here are a couple of tips for doing just that- Please keep “Fido” at home. We here at CopperDog love dogs. But during race weekend, keep your pets at home. It is distracting for the sled dogs and can be a health risk for them as well. Sled dogs live, function, and run with a pack mentality. Seeing a dog on a leash close by can disrupt this balance. We also want to keep the community pets safe; we do not want anyones’ beloved bow- wow to get into a situation that could potentially cause harm to them. Please do not come to the race, planning to feed the dogs. These animals are on very specialized diets that their mushers and handlers work hard to devise and maintain. (No hot dogs for these canines during race weekend!)

So hopefully we will see you all race weekend and remember safety first… please leave your pups at home.

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