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CopperDog Board approves the running of the 2021 CopperDog 150 and CopperDog 25

Announcement from the CopperDog Board of directors

The CopperDog150 board of directors during their meeting on Tuesday the 2nd approved holding the CopperDog150 and CopperDog 25 races February 26th-28th. The CopperDog this year has been scaled back to comply with directives of the State of Michigan. The race also benefited from guidance provided by the Western UP Health Department. The CopperDog150 board of directors and Race Planning committees worked with other races and sought out advice from experts in creating the CopperDog150 Covid19 Safety Plan. All of us have been impacted in so many ways by COVID. The entire CopperDog community considers themselves very fortunate to be able to put on a race this year. We are pleased that in a small way we are doing our part to encourage business in the Keweenaw, while still protecting our communities by following our COVID plan rigorously throughout the race weekend.

We are strongly advising the public to follow the race online this year and not watch the race in person.  We have significantly downsized the scope of our race and the events that surround CopperDog during race weekend to protect our communities. Unfortunately, there will be no downtown Calumet events, including the usual Friday night start, for this year’s race. We will all miss the excitement and thrill of one of the premier winter events in the entire upper Midwest, the CopperDog start in Calumet. Unfortunately, we could find no safe way to conduct our usual races.

An important reason we chose to continue with the CopperDog this year has been to provide a much needed race for our loyal musher community and to provide an opportunity for new musher teams to experience the Keweenaw. We hope our efforts this year will help us to continue the CopperDog for many years to come. Much consideration was given regarding holding the race or canceling. Everyone committed to the CopperDog150 were concerned that cancelation could impact our ability to hold future races in terms of attracting mushers and having adequate funding for continued operation. Regarding funding, the entire Keweenaw business community has stepped forward with sponsorships and donations. Please be sure to visit our sponsors and share your appreciation for their commitment to CopperDog. These are challenging times for many of our loyal business sponsors.

You will be able to follow the race in real time via the CopperDog website and our Facebook Live feed accessible from the CopperDog150 Facebook page. Due to lack of internet coverage in the Keweenaw of course, the Facebook Live coverage will be limited to locations where suitable Internet or cellular telephone service is available. We strongly encourage everyone to follow the race online this year rather than try to see it in person. While we agree, this is not the way we would like all of you to enjoy the race, we need to make sure we protect our communities and our race teams.

There are volunteer positions still available at We encourage family groups and same household groups to sign up together for the few crossing available and enjoy an opportunity to safely participate in CopperDog this year.

We are pleased to be able to run our race this year, but we are more excited to look toward next year and seeing our communities back out in force enjoying CopperDog and all the events that surround our race. Thank you to our local communities and businesses for your continued support. We are excited to bring the 2022 CopperDog back to the public and look forward to seeing all of you in 2022.

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