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2022 CopperDog 150 Race Offering

Since its humble beginnings a decade back, the CopperDog 150 has grown from a simple idea to a world-class mushing event that brings joy to the hearts of many. Thank you for sharing you love of mushing with us and inspiring everyone who loves CopperDog.

This year's race returns to historic downtown Calumet for the night start on the mile long snow road. The downtown appearance will be quite different this year after a fire destroyed several buildings on the south part of the 5th Street. The entire community is looking forward to things returning to something that resembles normal. The CopperDog 150 is part of that normal and many, many people are excited about the return to downtown Calumet Friday night, March 4th.

10 Dogs (10 dog pool), ~122 Miles, 3 Stages, $18,000 Purse (1st - 11th)

  • Friday,  March 4th, Saturday, March 5th, Sunday, March 6th
  • Professional (mushers must be qualified for the event, see race rules)
  • 10 Dog Team / 10 Dog Pool
  • 3 Days / 3 Stages / ~122 Miles
  • Stage 1: Calumet to Eagle Harbor (49.4 miles) (Night run)
  • Stage 2: Eagle Harbor to Copper Harbor (34.2 miles)
  • Stage 3: Copper Harbor to Eagle Harbor (37.9 miles)
Registration fee for the CD150 is set at $375
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