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Changes to the CD80 - bring the 80 back home to Friday Night!


We're coming home? Oh yeah, we "double" are!

So happy to announce that the CD80 will now be leaving out of Calumet on Friday night!!! More teams, longer party, extra excitement, and a total win-win!

The first leg of the CD80 will now start immediately following the CD150 running "Calumet -to- Phoenix" on Friday night! The CD80 will finish at the Cliff View Bar right off of US-41. It's some 13 driving-miles, and some 38.6 mushing-miles, north of Calumet.

And we could not pick a better location for this finish. The Cliff View Bar is not only one of our sponsors, they have a great atmosphere, delicious food and beverages. And you don't even have to guess, it's warm inside! Please say thank you to Brad and Marjie for making this happen!

Race-wise, this is what's on the menu for the weekend:

Friday - March 4th
CD150 Calumet -to- Eagle Harbor
CD80 Calumet -to- Phoenix
Saturday - March 5th
CD150 Eagle Harbor -to- Copper Harbor
CD25 Copper Harbor -to- Copper Harbor
Sunday - March 6th
CD150 Copper Harbor -to- Eagle Harbor
CD80 Copper Harbor -to- Eagle Harbor

And folks DO NOT bring your pets to any of the starts, finishes, and/or viewing spots on the trail. Please respect this request; leave any and all your pets home!

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