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CopperDog how to watch online

Of course you really should come to 5th Street in Calumet to see the start of the race! Or come up to Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor to see the starts and finishes in person!. But we realize many people follow the race from afar and not everyone can make it in person.

You can watch the CopperDog starts and finishes live using Zoom (new this year) or Facebook Live.

See the CopperDog Facebook page for the live feed:

Facebook has a no exceptions policy regarding live feeds that contain copyrighted material. It is possible that inadvertently copyrighted music will cause Facebook to end the feed. We recommend you consider using the Zoom feed as an alternative.

Scheduled Live Streams (click the link to join Zoom)

Friday 6:00PM ET- 9:00PM ET - The start of CopperDog: Opening ceremony followed by the starts of the CD150, CD80, and CD30 races - Calumet 5th Street

Saturday 9:00AM ET- 10:00AM ET - The start of the CD150, CD80 Stage 2 - in Eagle Harbor

Saturday 11:00AM ET- 5:30PM ET -CD150 Stage 2 completion, CD80 Race finish, and the running of the CD15 in Copper Harbor, followed by the CD80/CD15 Awards Ceremony

Sunday 9:00AM ET-10:00AM ET - Start of the CD150 final stage in Copper Harbor

Sunday 11:00AM ET-4:30PM ET - Completion of the CD150 final stage in Eagle Harbor followed by the CD150 and Triple Crown awards

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