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Volunteers! Please Join us for CopperDog Volunteer Appreciation Night

CopperDog Volunteer Appreciation Night


Copper Country #404 Elks Lodge

Join us at the Copper Country #404 Elks Lodge in Calumet for our Volunteer Appreciation Night!!! It's the least we can do to show how amazed and thankful we are for the army that makes the CopperDog churn before, during, and after our race weekend!

There will be food, drinks, music, prizes, swag, memorabilia, and most importantly a chance to visit with friends, mushers, volunteers, sponsors, and officials.

Join us as we celebrate a now renowned and world class event that is put on by you the volunteer!!! 2024? It's right around the corner!!

Music by Bob Hiltunen

The CopperDog is a community effort - without you the dedicated volunteers that show up every year, there would be no CopperDog!

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