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Lead Volunteer Program (new for 2013)

The CopperDog 150 is pleased to announce a new Lead Volunteer Program for those people in the community who are interested in serving a larger and more important role on CopperDog weekend.  The volunteers who join this program will learn about the inner workings of sled-dog racing, learn new skills and the tools used to manage the CopperDog 150, and go on to play important leadership roles during the running of the dogs in March of 2013.

Program goals

The goals of the are simple, but important to the evolution of the CopperDog races:

  • To recruit 25 to 30 enthusiastic CopperDog volunteers
  • To educate volunteers on the inner workings of the race and provide them with the information, tools, and insight necessary to serve in leads roles on race weekend
  • To conduct four 1.5 hour training session, one per month starting in mid-November
  • Choose assignments early for lead volunteers to give them time to make their own plans
  • For lead-volunteers to play very active roles with logistic, resources, and people management

Who should join this program?

Become a lead-volunteer because...

  • You love CopperDog and want to be a huge part of the events success in 2013
  • You aren't ready to join a committee but would like to give a little more time to the event
  • You are willing to commit to 6-10 hours of your time over 4 months to become a leader
  • You want to learn more about how the CopperDog is organized and executed
  • You want the insight, information, and tools to be a great leader during the race.

How do I get involved?

That's easy... just write to Todd Brassard at to express your interest.  Prefer using the phone, just call 906-370-9972.  Call to sign-up or for more information.

When do things get moving?

Now!  We are actively seeking to start building our team of lead-volunteers.  We need your help.  Th CopperDog 150 is an amazingly unique and fun experience.  Get involved today!

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